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Excursions & AttractionsDiscover the magnificence of Krabi

We strongly encourage you to discover the magnificence of Krabi, Ao Nang and the surrounding archipelago. Whether you are seeking adventure or relaxation, Krabi is the perfect place for temptations. 

Ao Nang and the surrounding archipelago offer picture-perfect beaches, pristine waters and hectic coral reefs. Massive mangrove forests invite you to become one with nature, elephants convince you to visit the jungle and impressive limestone karsts entice you to summit.

Krabi boasts over 100 offshore islands and is blessed with a plethora of natural wonders such as waterfalls, caves, fossil grounds and hot springs. Amazing temples and local working communities are only a short journey away. Island hopping, temple tours, hot springs, diving, climbing, elephant riding, the activities are endless.

At Nadivana Serviced Apartments we can arrange the excursions for you. Let us use our local knowledge to build the prefect itinerary to suit your needs. Tell us what you'd like to do, see and we will make it happen. Below you will see a selection of our most popular and favored day trips – satisfaction guaranteed!

For further details, suggestions, vehicle and tour reservations, please contact the Reception.

Nadivana Island Hopping Excursion

Island Hopping Railey, Phra Nang, Chicken, Koh Hong & Koh Pak Bia

Are you dreaming about spending a few hours surrounded by some of the world’s most stunning nature? Krabi offers marvelous beaches on secluded islands, rock-formations that twist your imagination and a relaxed atmosphere.

We depart from Ao Nang beach by a top-of-the-line speedboat and then ‘fly’ at 30 knots speed to ‘backpacker-heaven’ Railey. At arrival we leave behind the boat, everything associated with asphalt, traffic, shoes and noise and head into paradise! The end of the trek, after passing monkeys, caves, lagoons and rock-climbers, is one of the world’s most beautiful beaches – Phra Nang. Naturally, our boat is already awaiting us, and there is plenty of time for swimming, sunbathing and acquainting the Princess and her palace…
The boat brings us further into Krabi’s island-world. Passing Poda Island, possibly one of the areas most remarkable, we arrive at Chicken Island. Chicken, really consists of three different islands. That is, at high tide. As the tide resides, the islands are connected and require the taking of some pictures. Obviously, we brought snorkeling equipment with us, so the underwater world can be studied.

From Chicken we head to Hong Island. Once again you will run out of superlatives, but this island is special! Within Hong Island there is a completely hidden lagoon, where we are surrounded by limestone mountains on all sides. On a white beach we find some shade under a coconut palm, and prepare lunch, while you enjoy the wonders of the sun and the sea.

Last stop before heading back to Ao Nang is ‘Robinson Island.’ Even Robinson Crusoe would be jealous, and with good reason! Again, the sun, sea, relaxation and enjoyment take center stage.

Nadivana Phi Phi Excursion

Phi Phi Speedboat Phi Phi Lay, Phi Phi Don & Bamboo Islands

The sister-islands of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley are situated less than forty kilometers south of Ao Nang. With sun-bleached coral beaches, remarkably clear water and thousands of species of fish, the Phi Phi Islands are a must for everyone visiting southern Thailand. This is your chance to visit a famous postcard!

With modern speedboats the journey takes about half an hour. At the sight of the islands, their amazing beauty surprises us all. Impressive limestone-cliffs rises hundreds of feet vertically out of the water, covered with bushes and trees in all variations of green. Surrounding the cliffs are gorgeous palm-tree-beaches and turquoise water. Under the surface of the water another world is awaiting you, with exhilarating corals and tropical fish in all colors of the rainbow.

Our first landing is on Phi Phi Ley’s Maya Bay. The cove is undoubtedly beautiful and hence was the setting for the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Beach’. Glittering beaches and palm trees cover the horizon. This is the perfect place for relaxation and to enjoy the sun, the beach and the ocean. Snorkeling here feels like being inside an aquarium – we both touch and feel the fish! From here we circle the entire island of Phi Phi Ley, so no cove or lagoon is left undiscovered. We also visit the Viking cave, where we learn all about the art of bird-nest picking.

At lunchtime we arrive at the habited island of Phi Phi Don. Here our healthy Thai lunch is already at the table. Afterwards the early afternoon’s activities is at our own disposal; swimming and sun, shopping in the tiny alleys, or ‘climb’ up to the viewpoint and get a startling view of the islands.

Last on our program is Bamboo Island. This breathtaking and minuscule island offers the best in snorkeling and swimming. However, don’t be surprised if some dolphins visit and the time is spent taking pictures of them.

Nadivana Trang Excursion

Trang 4 Island Tour Pakmeng, Koh Mook, Koh Chuak, Koh Ngai & Koh Mah

South of Ao Nang is Koh Lanta – Thailand’s new and trendsetting island group. Koh Lanta consist of two main islands, Lanta Noi and Lanta Yai and an archipelago cluttered with peaceful and untouched islands and beautiful coral reefs. Since ‘the average tourist’ is yet to discover this, we guarantee an unforgettable day, surrounded by wonderfully lush nature, ultimate snorkeling, delicious food, peace and tranquility.

At Pak Meng, Trang province’s favorite beach, our day cruiser is waiting. Safely aboard our well-equipped and spacious vessel with restrooms and large sundeck, we head for Mook Island, situated ten miles southeast of Lanta Yai and in Trang province.

Koh Mook is a massive limestone island, with steep hills and stunning beaches. Arriving from the north, the island initially seems unapproachable, but as we get closer a cave entrance can be seen slightly above the waterline. We will swim through this 100 yard long cave and end up in a truly amazing opening, with perfect beach and sunrays from above – right in the middle of the island – ‘Emerald Cave’!

Next island on our program is Koh Chuak. Koh Chuak is widely famous for ‘hourglass’ sand and pristine water. At low tide, the ocean falls below parts of the coral reef, which can be inspected and enjoyed without snorkeling equipment! But only with a mask and snorkel do we really realize why the underwater ceremony is conducted here!

Lunch is served on the next island. Koh Ngai is the area’s busiest island and under protection of Koh Lanta Marine Park. This triangular island, with powder white sand and turquoise water, is perfect for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. After an aquatically inspired lunch shaded by the palm trees, you have plenty of time for beach explorations...

Final stop of the day is at Koh Mah. This limestone island is home to bats as well as fish and splendid corals. The shallow plateau surrounding parts of the island attracts numerous fish species and serves up divine snorkeling. The snorkeling here might just steal the day.

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